About Us

ARAVATO has been developed by our team of Dublin-based Industry Experts and systems architects who set out to completely disrupt the manner in which companies dispose of their unused materials  their manufacturing processes. By harnessing the power of big data and AI, they have developed a highly intelligent, easy to use cloud based platform that empowers companies to take control of their waste. SmartTrace works with large scale manufacturers in Europe and the UK, who are typically spending more than six figures on their waste disposal.


About Steve

Steve Cassidy (CTO) is a waste visionary. A serial entrepreneur with over three decades of business process acumen. His understanding of the global supply chain of re-use and recycle is second to none. With deep domain knowledge of the waste industry and a passion for the circular economy he believes in a future without waste.


About Marcin

Marcin Kulik is a Cambridge-educated, award winning technologist who holds multiple degrees in AI, Expert Systems and Business Management. An author, speaker and advocate for sustainable, economic means to tackle world waste, he is ARAVATO CEO and the driving force behind the technology which delivers profit-generating insight to global waste systems.